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Anne Mone hat gesagt…

bin grad dank dem Grundschulblogs.de auf deine Seite gestossen. Ich habe bis jetzt den Bereich "Kunst" angesehen und bin begeistert, wie schön du für uns die verschiedenen Themen aufbereitet hast.

Herzlichen Dank und weiter so!!
Anne Mone

Englisch Lernen in der virtuellen Realität hat gesagt…


We are a London educational technology company offers content to help students Learn English in Virtual Reality.

All they need is their smartphone and a VR headset (which we can send!), and they can have take 360 degree tours of the English speaking world, learn language and culture with people from those locations - to hear the range of accents and vocabulary.

Our Courses platform also has a test at the end of each lesson to check the students' understanding, and a comment feature which is great for homework.

We are testing with schools in Germany at the moment and are looking for more teachers to test our content to use in class.

Here is a 2 minute video which shows our content. The content can be used with just a smartphone and a VR headset (which we can send you).

Here's a short 2 minute video to show you how it works - it's really useful for teachers!
Learn English in Virtual Reality

If you are interested in using more of this content it is 100% FREE. NO COST. We just want teachers to use it in class and we will also modify the content to be synchronised with your curriculum/lesson plan... just ask us!

Have a good day.